Policy Development:  We develop tailored HR policies and procedures to suit your business, from essentials such as Grievance and Disciplinary to absence management, confidentiality etc.  We have a wealth of expertise in this area and can tailor your policies to suit your business. Off-the-shelf policies may not be in compliance with legislative requirements and/or may be not be suitable for your business.

Review: It may be some time since you reviewed your policies.  It is essential that they are compliant with developments in your business, the law and best practice.  Also there are times when a company’s own policies and procedures can hinder flexibility in dealing with workplace grievances and issues.  Talbot Pierce has expertise in writing and reworking policies and procedures for companies. Our approach goes beyond mere compliance. We have a more progressive tailored approach to meet your business needs.

Training and Support: We provide support to organisations with the implementation of policies, including the training and support of managers in effective roll-out to embed the policies and practice in your organisation.


While there is no specific legal obligation to have a written contract of employment, there is a legal obligation on employers to provide employees, no later than two months from commencement in employment, a written statement of certain terms and conditions of employment.  The statement must be signed, dated and a copy retained, by the employer.  It is good practice to have appropriate well-drafted contracts that are compliant and most importantly reflect of the culture and requirements of your organisation.

Write: We develop tailored Employment Contracts to suit your business.

Review: If you already have contracts in place and wish to update them or have them reviewed, we can audit them to ensure suitability for your business and compliance with the law and best practice.

Off-the-shelf contracts may not be in compliance with legislative requirements.  As important as compliance with the law is ensuring that your contracts are suitable for your business needs and that the terms and language reflects the type of organisation you want your company to be.  It helps form a positive culture and positive employee relations.  You may require business-specific, for example, you may have a customer base that you want to protect from being ‘poached’ by your sales staff.


Other Staff Communications (individual or collective)

In our experience, properly worded, effective communication, whether on an individual or collective issue, can make the difference between cooperation and conflict.  We have a wealth of experience in dealing with issues that span our other service for which communication is crucial.  The corrective and careful drafting of a letter regarding, for example, a difficulty with a staff member’s performance, for example, can make the difference between an issue resolving itself at an early stage, and in the extreme, an Unfair Dismissals claim or worse still, High Court proceedings.  We have significant experience across a broad range of employment legal and IR proceedings to be able to advise authoritatively on any employment matter.

Written communication should generally be coupled with effective verbal communication.  Our support and advice encompasses both.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist: [email protected] or (01) 902 00 31.