The Talbot Pierce InSource HR service can resolve the challenges of fluctuating demands on your HR Department.  We can provide interim support to your HR function on a part-time basis in line with your needs. We work with client companies to support their HR capability.

We also provide full HR support to clients who have no in-house HR.  We deliver the support through a combination of on-site and off-site support.

Our InSource HR is underpinned by an approach of facilitating and supporting functional managers to deliver effective people management as an integral part of their role.

InSource HR is charged at a daily rate, subject to negotiation based on the number of days/ contract duration.

  • We assign a primary consultant to your company, who quickly gains a full understanding of your business and its challenges.
  • We are experienced HR professionals with a proven track record in developing and embedding the full suite of HR systems and structures. In addition, we have specialist qualifications and experience in HR, change management, employment law, employee relations and business process improvement.
  • We believe that insourcing your HR function, in contrast to hiring a single individual, will add value to your HR function to give a wider perspective and maximise effectiveness.
  • Whilst we would be working with your business on a part-time basis, we work full-time in HR and therefore, bring a broader perspective and a higher skill level for the benefit of your business.
  • We are flexible in our hours/days in order to achieve maximum effectiveness in conjunction with your business needs, structures and practices.


HR Assist

As a small or medium company, you may have a limited or no HR function.  We are experienced HR professionals who quickly get to grips with your business needs and objectives. We deliver timely, expect HR advice and support to increase the effectiveness of your business and positively impact on your bottom line.

You and your management team are best placed to effectively manage people and we can support you and them to manage your staff effectively.  We give practical guidance to your managers to support them in managing their teams.  Where you do have an employee with responsibility for HR (either exclusively, or combined with another function), we can work in conjunction with him/her to complement and support their skills to give expert advice.

We provide services and practical advice to help you optimise your most valuable resource.  These services range from specific supports such as guidance on addressing performance concerns, disciplinary issues to entitlements due and issuing contracts, ensuring that you comply with your obligations as an employer.

Our HR Assist clients can contact us by telephone/email – answering queries, giving advice and support by telephone and by email.   The quality of our service and advice is second-to-none.  Our HR Assist service is delivered by an individual adviser designated to your business.


Please contact us on (01) 902 00 31/ [email protected] for further details.

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